DTail is a distributed DevOps tool for tailing, grepping, catting logs and other text files on many remote machines at once.

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The animated Gifs you find in the DTail docs were created using:

On Fedora Linux 35.

Installing prerequisites

On Fedora Linux 35 install asciinema:

% sudo dnf install -y asciinema

and asciicast2gif (for simplicity, the Docker image was used):

% docker pull asciinema/asciicast2gif

This of course assumes that Docker is up and running on your machine (out of scope for this documentation).

Record a shell session

This is as simple as running

% asciinema rec recording.json

This will launch a sub-shell to be recorded. Once done, exit the sub-shell with exit.

Convert the recording to a gif

% docker run --rm -v $PWD:/data asciinema/asciicast2gif -t tango -s 2 recording.json recording.gif